Exit the dark room

Yuri KorgunyukThe liberal party 90s linger on the margins of Russian politics. But the SPS, and Yabloko came into force on real needs and therefore still show signs of life and can even find the exit.Modern Russian multi-party system has seen many kinds of party, acrobating and pseudoproline projects. The majority of them was released is small - a few years, not months. Many of these projects existed only on paper and died naturally failed to reach the next elections. Howeverthose, whose appearance caused the actual social need, has demonstrated a great survivability. Even degrading and fading, they managed to prolong this process is not for one election cycle.Pushed to the far fringes of politics, they give signs of life, even if the General public it is not so much respect, much irritation.First of all, it applies to liberals. The remains of ATP in voluntary-a compulsory order is merged with "Civil force" and the DWP, even within the "Right things" stubbornly refuse to die, again and again, Recalling his initiatives, is clearly an outstanding effort to revive the right-wing liberal party in the form in which it under different names operated for 1990-2000 Here and offer to cancel the celebration on February 23, replacing it with freedom Day (in honor of the abolition of serfdom, February 19); and a return to espeacally the idea of the abolition of military conscription; and the proposal to introduce criminal liability for propaganda of Stalinism; and support Leonid hazmanim candidacy of Boris Nemtsov on elections of the mayor of Sochi, as well as the requirement of resignation of Yury Luzhkov.Most clearly the position of former aseasonal formulated Gozman, who called colleagues to nominate "not only and not so much economic as political demands", "not to be the party of tax cuts, and a certain political party, to demand the revival of political competition, "functioning of democratic institutions, a free press and an independent judiciary".The position of the natives of ATP caused, however, objections to the part of privatelaw, which was formally delegated to other parties, and in fact - from Kremlin-controlled corporate business organization "Business Russia" (Andrew Kuprikov, Boris Titov). In defiance of gusmano and they called To "completely eliminate the entire heritage of modern Russian liberalism" and after the bulk of the business to switch from right-wing liberal to conservative positions.By all indications, we have a confrontation of two scenarios: 1) as a liberal club - the successor to the DDA and the ATP; 2) as a "compact liberal-conservative party of constructive opposition, whose medium-term goal to develop one of three influential parliamentary factions".

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