100000 for death during interrogation

Anastasia RootInvestigators should pay for their mistakes, insists the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika: they are too costly for the government.The number of accepted claims courts Russians for damages caused by the illegal criminal prosecution, is growing. They turn into a serious financial problem for the state, Chaika said yesterday, speaking at the meeting in the Prosecutor General's office. The scale of the problem was appreciated by the Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. According to him, in 2007 the Russians made the state 1212 claims for damages, the Treasury paid him 120 million rubles compensation. And only in the first quarter of this year, such claims were already 545.Cause of loss - numerous violations during the preliminary investigation, explained Seagull. Often criminal cases "without sufficient justification", "the accusation is based solely on the testimony of witnesses," said the attorney General. Responsibility for errors the investigation is including the prosecutors, admitted Seagull: they must oversee the progress of the investigation. But at the same time the Prosecutor General's office proposes to collect material damages from investigators in the case, if later, the state had to pay compensation to citizens who are unlawfully subjected to criminal prosecution.This can not be done right now, said Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin: needed to make some adjustments to legislation. "On Board we have identified a set of measures and will implement it", he promises. In particular, said grin, decided to appeal to the Supreme court to clarify the amount of compensation for moral damages that should be awarded for certain violations. Yet, according to him, the spread in the huge amounts of compensation.Indeed, in Russia there are no established rates - as, for example, in the USA, where day behind bars "worth" $100, says the Chairman of the Kazan human Rights center Igor Sholokhov. "We have a judge has "inner conviction" and the requirement of the Civil code on the "reasonableness and fairness" of compensation. But it's very subjective," says Sholokhov: for example, the centre has achieved a compensation of 1 million rubles for the citizen of Almetyevsk Eugene Vedenin, who was convicted of murder and served 3 years 9 months before the real killer was found. According to human rights activists, this is the biggest compensation that was awarded illegally convicted. And one night spent in the police station, the court estimated at 7,000 rubles, adds Sholokhov.But, said the head of the legal Department of the Fund "Public verdict" Anna Gurova, courts similar estimations of life affected: about 100 000 rubles compensation. This amount was received by the relatives of the inhabitant of Chita oblast Sergey Stepanov, who died after interrogation by the police.

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