Yesterday almost a million graduates holding the Unified state exam in Russian language

Irina EvoloveYesterday 956 thousands of seniors have taken one of two obligatory Unified state examinations on the Russian language. Second, in mathematics, will be held a week later.We will remind, has already passed the exam in biology, computer science and literature. According to Rosobrnadzor, the number of graduates who have decided on additional exams in the form of tests, this year has increased significantly. For example, those who have passed biology, this year it was 18 percent more, and in computer science 16, literature - 24. Increased interest in physics and chemistry: for example, petitioned the delivery of the exam in chemistry was more by 30%! All of this suggests that graduates are focused on obtaining higher education, including technical.Although the exam appeared in Russia nine years ago, the controversy surrounding the content of the tests do not cease. Especially a lot of claims that sounds address in mathematics and Russian language. And criticism, which is nice, the officials of Rosobrnadzor hear. If in previous years in tests in mathematics were three options of tasks: A - super puzzles is a little short for students In conventional and C - level Olympiads, now there are only two, shall we say, average options, which at the same time allow you to show your skills and gifted students.For the Russian language have the same questions. The most controversial part of the job, which essentially replaced the traditional essay. Part C should, in the intention of the drafters, to demonstrate creative abilities of the student, the ability to Express their respect and defend their point of view. The theme is not necessarily associated with the literary work. In other words, students are asked to write an essay.- The third part of the examination does not imply free essays on the subject, says the content pieces With the Chairman of the Federal subject Commission on Russian Irina Tsybulko.- This piece of writing read the text on that checks the status of practical speech skills of the examinee. It gives an idea of how to know whether the graduates of the school reasonably and correctly Express their point of view, which is important not only for successful educational activity, but also for further professional education graduate.The correspondent of "RG" contacted one of the regions where the exam in the normal mode is already the ninth year the Novosibirsk region."They are psychologically well prepared for the tests, - said the representative of the regional Department of education, which was on the exam at one of the schools. - As for part C, it checks a lot of competencies, it is proposed nine criteria to evaluate the skills of the graduate. Topics for the essay were, for example, such as "ecology", "man and society". I believe that it is not obligatory to write five or seven pages of text. Two is sufficient.From more candid assessments teachers refrain. After all, if the teacher knows what jobs were in the examination sheets, so he looked there. And why, you ask?Assessment procedure assumes that neither teachers who conduct the exam, nor the Chairman of the reception point of the exam should not know the content of test materials. Once students have turned in their work, they shall be sealed and sent centrally for review.Last year 2336 of graduates in different subjects "by Russia. Including the Russian language.In 2010, according to the new rules of admission each applicant has the right to submit papers of no more than five universities and no more than three specialties. This restriction is made because of an unprecedented influx of entrants to universities, primarily in the capital. At the same time, some regional universities hardly recruited.So now some governors promised to the best graduates, scored on the exam high scores, for example, 225 on three exams, scholarships in local universities - to 5 thousand roubles. In particular, such a decision has already been made in the Perm region. Ready to keep the ruble strong entrants in Kirov, Ulyanovsk."Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - Federal issue 5196 (117) dated June 1, 2010.

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