The capital sucked the smoke suburban fires around Moscow burning smell

A strong smell of burning from peat fires had spread on the Monday morning across Moscow, the smoke had reached the center of the city, the correspondent of RIA "Novosti". Fighting there are about 10 thousand employees of the Ministry of emergency situations, involved in the operations of aircraft and helicopters.Early in the morning, a thick cloud of smoke spread over the South-West and West of the capital, visibility on the roads was no more than 300-500 meters, correspondents of ITAR-TASS. Now the smoke began to dissipate a little, visibility has improved. A strong smell of burning is felt in the areas of Michurinsky Prospekt, Profsoyuznaya street, on the Mozhaisk highway.Even worse in the South, Southeast and East of the city. Thus, according to the correspondent of ITAR-TASS, where the sky smoky night, and now a dense veil is above the Kapotnya, Lublin, Marino, Ryazan and Volgograd prospectus. It spread East to Falconers and in Lefortovo. In the center of the capital motorists who early in the morning to get to work, was accompanied by not only the smell of burning, but the smoke haze.Fumes in these minutes came and to the North and northeast of the city. Although here the day before it rained and the night was relatively fresh smell of burning is felt stronger. Haze enveloped the spire of the Ostankino TV tower, burning smell in Medvedkovo, Otradnaya, Altufevskoe highway.The environmentalists say that in the morning the air capital created the conditions for enhanced accumulation of harmful emissions in the atmosphere. Content in the air of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide and suspended solids exceeded significantly.Normal levels of air pollution in Moscow on Monday was exceeded in five-eight times, said the Agency specialist State environmental agencies (PMU) "mosekomonitoring".Specialists predict that, in the afternoon, the situation has stabilized. The day before under similar weather conditions concentration decreased, sometimes reaching indicators typical for normal days. However, the environmental situation will be unfavorable.Specialists sue "mosekomonitoring" advised Muscovites to avoid a long stay and walks in areas where the level of air pollution exceeds 80% of the MCL. In particular this applies to children, the elderly, people with diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and pregnant women.On the website "Mosekomonitoring" there is a special map on which are marked the location of automatic stations of air pollution control. With its help it is possible to obtain data about the level of pollution in a particular area of the city. Data is automatically updated every 20 minutes around the clock.Environmentalists like to remind you that places close to major highways with intensive traffic, especially reduced and with low ventilation, represent high-risk areas for health.Yesterday in the Moscow region were registered 63 natural fires on a total area of 71 hectares, of which 38 peat forest and 25. Moreover, according to 17:00 Sunday, active wildfires in the region were not.Drought was established in Moscow in mid-June, now the temperature stays above 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the drought in the suburbs became more frequent wildfires. During the two months of this year have several temperature records.This relief is not necessary to wait until the beginning of August, i.e. before the end of this week.The airports are operating normallyThe smoke from the fires that had engulfed almost all of Moscow on Monday morning, did not affect the operation of the airports "Vnukovo" "Domodedovo" and "Sheremetyevo", informed RIA "news" representatives of airports.Representatives of international airports Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo told the news Agency that due to the smog flights were not cancelled.Muscovites have to breathe the smoke until OctoberSmog over Moscow, which started fires in the vicinity of the capital, can survive in the next two to two-and-a-half months, said the head of forest program of Greenpeace Russia Alexey Yaroshenko.Now, according to him, the smoke comes, primarily, from the Meshchera lowland peatlands. He stressed that strong fires occur on peatlands drained at the end of the nineteenth century.Even the wind direction changes will not bring significant relief to the Muscovites. "We can't say that will be better because burning peat in all the regions around Moscow," said Yaroshenko, Recalling that strong fires now occur not only to the East from Moscow, but in Tver, and in the Ivanovo region."Contributes to smoke the practice of burning straw, which is still in our country, unfortunately, is indestructible," - said the ecologist.How to escape from Gary: recommendations of physiciansChief therapist of Russia Alexander Chuchalin recommends that the Muscovites and residents of suburbs to wear gauze bandages, tightly close the Windows and not to go outside. According to the chief physician of the Russian Federation, some people are very sensitive to the smoke. This is especially true of patients with bronchitis and asthma."Smoke is a risk factor, and disease aggravated," - reports the words chuchalina RIA "Novosti" . However, according to him, the smoke affects not only the lungs and bronchi, but also the skin and mucous membranes of the body. "Now a lot of allergic reactions to these environmental impacts," added chief therapist.Breathless from Gary also recommended to take drugs that are usually prescribed in bronchial asthma, these drugs relieve the toxic effects of smoke. Before taking these drugs you should consult with your doctor, noticed the main therapist.If medications do not help to cope with asthma, is generally assigned to the combination of these drugs with corticosteroids. "That is assigned to these meds as if the man was sick with a severe form of bronchial asthma. Such drugs we have, they are registered, they are widely prescribed to people with this disease," said Chuchalin.In addition, the doctor recommended to take vitamin E as an antioxidant and to wear gauze bandages.Beaten for the seventh month temperature recordBasic capital at the VVC weather station recorded at 13:00 air temperature plus 33.8 degrees, have informed "Interfax" in the meteorological Bureau of Moscow and Moscow region on Monday."It's 0.3 degrees higher than 26 July 1936, when the air in Moscow has warmed up to 33.5 degrees," - said the Agency interlocutor. "Thus, in Moscow beaten seventh of July temperature record and the ninth - all summer," said he.The met office added that the final value of the temperature record will be determined on Monday evening, because the air in Moscow continues vigorously to warm up.

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