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The Russians still do not understand very well, what are you going to celebrate the 4th of November. Sure only pensioners - their main holiday revolution day remainsMoscow. On 31 October. INTERFAX - Today is Friday, but the mood is something quite apetitnoe. Because tomorrow again who to bench, who in the presence of a - Saturday, November 1, the country declared a working day in the bill Monday, November 3. This is done to give the Russians a long weekend on the occasion of Day of national unity and reconciliation that we are expecting a fourth. However, the population still does not understand, for what reason will rest for three days.National unity day (aka the Kazan mother of God) is celebrated in Russia for the fourth time. The initiative to cancel the holiday on November 7, 1996, he was called the Day of accord and reconciliation) and to introduce instead a new red day sounded from the side of the Interreligious Council in September 2004. It was supported by MPs and the government, and on December 27, 2004, the state Duma voted to change the traditional grid of the holidays. However, for three years, many Russians have not used to the new holiday and still revolution day, the main day of the month.According to the results of a survey conducted by VTsIOM, a third of Russians believe that November 7 is still revolutionary date, but most not to mention her plans. Tend to think of November 7 holiday revolutionary 38% of Russians, while the share of such respondents has increased over three years at 9%. Another third of respondents (31%) believe that it's just an old holiday, which was celebrated for many years, and from which they do not want to give up (in 2005 believed that 37% of Russians). And only every tenth (11%) remember that in 1996, by decree of Boris Yeltsin's day was renamed the Day of accord and reconciliation, and for three years the share of such respondents has decreased by 6%.Polls notes that the older the respondents, the more often they claim that they are November 7 - the feast of the revolution. So says every fifth of them aged 18 to 24 years (20%), and almost every second person aged 60 years and older (52%). Young people often said that this date is considered the Day of accord and reconciliation (16%).As for celebratory demonstrations and family feasts, more than half of Russians (57%) note November 7, never plan to, especially this year, that date falls on a Friday, and have to work. But because many people working day and not a hindrance - 12% of respondents plan to eat and drink at home, half (7%) intend to do this. To participate in marches and rallies intend 2% of respondents, 1% of respondents will devote the day working on the farm in the country, good weather, forecasted to have.New holiday of national unity is in the public even more doubts. According to the survey, the company has no clear idea of why and what is celebrated on this day. According to a poll by the Levada Center, 28% of Russians find it difficult to specify the name of the holiday itself. This, of course, not much, but 3.5 times more than it was three years ago, when the festival first came out. The pace in a couple of years on holiday will know every second. While most often the correct answer give managers and administrative workers, professionals, women, people of 25-40 years, with higher education, living in the Volga and far Eastern Federal districts in Moscow and sociologists. But among them quite a few those who intend to celebrate the 4th of November. It intends to do so only every fifth Respondent. Most often configured on holiday students, leaders, and managers, men, persons younger than 40 years and those who have higher education. Also among those who will celebrate unity Day, a lot of those who have an income of more than 15-23 thousand rubles a month. The most popular new holiday the inhabitants of the southern and Central districts of Moscow.Agree, this description is very different from the portrait of a Russian citizen who intends to celebrate instead of 4 November, the Day of the October revolution. According to sociologists, mostly pensioners-men over 55 years of age, with below average education and incomes less than 6 thousand. They mostly live in the southern, northwestern and Siberian Federal districts and in non-capital cities with population over 500 thousand people.Half of Russians do not plan to mention none of them. And for good reason. Because November 4th is the last festive day of the year. After him will have to wait until the Christmas holidays. They will last a little over a week from 1 to 8 January.

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