West Moscow is preparing a nasty surprise

Andrey TerekhovU.S. Senator urged Bush not to go to the G8 summit in St. PetersburgRepublican Senator John McCain called on the last Sunday of President George Bush not to go to the summit "big eight" in St.-Petersburg. This event is scheduled for July 15-17. The Russian foreign Ministry yesterday was not going to individually respond to the speech of the Senator. In the words of one diplomat, "at every sneeze will not nazdravstvueshsya".Indeed, as we approach the July meeting of the G8 wave of criticism from abroad is steadily increasing. Surely unpleasant for Moscow statements will increasingly continue to sound, careful – from the White house and the state Department, sharper – from Capitol hill and from experts.John McCain is a potential candidate for President in the 2008 election, According to him, President Putin infringes on the rights of their citizens, oppresses the media, the Kremlin has also supported authoritarian Alexander Lukashenko and insufficiently cooperating with the U.S. in resolving the Iranian nuclear issue."We need some way to respond," said McCain on the TV channel EN-bi-si, the existence of democracy in Russia is now very weak. And I walked up to this very tough". Senator recalled a famous saying about their President Vladimir Putin. After the first meeting of Putin and Bush in June 2001, the us President admitted that he looked into the soul of the Russian colleagues and realized that he was "very straightforward and trustworthy" person. "Sometimes we all say stupid things… I am Sure that the President changed his attitude in light of the recent actions of Putin," said McCain.Washington often mentions his disappointment with the steps of Moscow. So, on March 29, said Secretary of state Condoleezza rice. First of all it concerns the new law on NGOs. The U.S., according to rice, plan to "continue to exert pressure that Russia was moving in the direction of the normal democratic development". Earlier, the head of American diplomacy spoke out against the exclusion of Russia from the Council Russia–the NATO and G8. Meanwhile, in his speech last week, Bush expressed concern that a public reprimand of the Russian President may lead to the fact that he will simply cease to listen to the comments. In addition, Bush confirmed that he would go to St. Petersburg.The extent to which the U.S. was willing to criticize Russia? On Smolenskaya-Sennaya drew attention to the increased activity of American critics in March: at the beginning of last month, under the visit of Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in the US there appeared a report by a leading think tank – the Council on foreign relations – with criticism of Russia. Then the American media reported that Russian intelligence allegedly helped Saddam Hussein's regime in the initial phase of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Also published an article about America, capable of destroying Russian nuclear Arsenal. This was followed by an unexpected for Moscow a letter listing requirements, available to Washington to Russia in the framework of the accession process to the WTO last.While Moscow is mulling the criticism." On Smolenskaya-Sennaya emphasize that at all levels of Russian-American relations "are developing absolutely fine." The last McCain's statement the Russian foreign Ministry NG commented: "Not all political forces in the USA are happy to develop our relations. The summit of the group of eight in St. Petersburg is perceived as a good excuse to sling mud at Russia. However, the preparation for it goes on".Observers note that boycotting the summit, the G8 leaders will not be able – too late. But Moscow may face unpleasant surprises. Thus, the newspaper "financial times" suggested that leaders" can get in St. Petersburg from the table without waiting for the filing of dessert. And President Bush all could boycott a Banquet in honor of the opening of the summit. Meanwhile, one of the leading American specialists on Russia Anders Aslund suggested that the G7 members to stand up for Russian democracy and the sovereignty of former Soviet republics still on the way to the Northern capital. According to Г©slund, mini the G7 summit can be held in Vilnius.An interesting recent observation is the adviser of the us President for national security Stephen Hadley: "At the moment, participation in the summit "big eight" has a great value (for the US), partly because it would require the Russians to answer the tough questions – not from our side, and from the international community"".

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