Harmful profession

HOPE KRASILOV, MARYAM MAGOMEDOVA, ALEXANDER KOLESNICHENKOThe politics can cause serious diseases, to push them to divorce and even bring to the graveIn the elections this winter and spring policy will try to draw thousand of newcomers who are convinced that they will be able in this way to fulfill your potential and to solve the country's problems or their own. Meanwhile, the profession of politics is not only power, honor, and for someone a lot of money. Decided to go on elections need to be prepared to stress, invasion of privacy and even attempted it. As a result, the profession of politics holds a leading place in the list of the most dangerous activities, next to the miners, policemen and journalists.Entrepreneur Yuri Mishin from Moscow city Pushkino wanted to become a member of the district Council. The election campaign was in full swing when one of the local Newspapers, there's a detailed story about how an entrepreneur in the Soviet era was in jail. A lawsuit and refuted in another newspaper has not helped – election of Mr. Mishin hopelessly lost. Anyone who decides to go into politics, should be ready by the publicity given to the unpleasant details of his past life. An expert on political psychology Professor Akop Nazaretyan says "NO" that the opponents of the candidate will be engaged in his past and dig all up to what kind of girl candidate in his youth kissed and not married." Remember any and all conflicts with the law, no matter how long and they were not insignificant. So bill Clinton criticized the fact that he is at the age of fourteen smoked marijuana, but opponents of George Bush in 2000 with bells all over America in 1976 in a state of intoxication detained at the wheel.People similar to the candidateDecided to go into politics should be aware that from now on he became a public man, and, whatever he did or said, it'll become the object of attention. "The biggest disadvantage of political activity is that all personal life policy taken out on a surface," says "NO" to the President of the Association of protection of the rights of voters "the Voice" the Lily of Shibanova. As a result the person can't relax, can not afford, for example, quarreling or just to get drunk. State Duma Deputy Alexei Mitrofanov says "NO" that the policy can be compared with the work of the engineer, when "any wrong action or out of place word can ruin a career". According to the Deputy, it is present in every person's life, but "life policy is especially important.".

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