How to avoid depression and temptations?

The Archbishop of Paris cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois has lectured on the gospel in a secular societyRussia was visited by the Archbishop of Paris, the successor and ally of cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois. The cardinal believes this visit pilgrimage dedicated to the Russian new martyrs, so familiarity with Russia began with the Solovetsky Islands, which became a place of martyrdom not only Orthodox, but also Catholic Confessors. During the visit, cardinal Vingt-Trois met with the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Alexy II, Metropolitan of Krutitsa and Kolomna Yuvenaly, and October 29, delivered an open lecture on the theme of the proclamation of the gospel in secular society.His performance was distinguished by clarity and pronounced casinosthe stated thoughts. Started with cardinal analysis of secularism. In his judgment, secularism as a phenomenon has three dimensions: political, cultural, philosophical and socio-economic. Political secularism appeared in France since the revolution of 1789 and ended in 1905 final separation of Church and state. Cultural philosophical secularism, believes Vingt-Trois, originates not in the ideology of the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, but much earlier. The first on this way was Thomas Aquinas, who United in his work the principles of Christianity with Aristotelian philosophy. Then came the Renaissance with its appeal not only to philosophy but also to the aesthetics of the pagan Greco-Roman times. And, finally, French kartezianstvo. With respect to socio-economic aspects of secularization, it is as follows. Early in the last century 70% of the French population lived in villages. As a result of migration, now this percentage are city dwellers. If in the village all of social life clustered around schools and churches and they were equal factors in the cultural socialization of the French, the main problem of today's cities, especially big city, which is and Paris, is the gap of interpersonal and interpersonal relations. People don't even know where the temple lies. There is a spiritual desolation, and the confluence of the typical disease called depression.What to do if dear to the village of the nineteenth has, alas, never to return. Cardinal Vingt-Trois encourages active Christians use for the gospel what is now called social networks, and, more simply, any opportunity for interpersonal communication. For example, among mothers waiting for children from kindergarten and school. Well, God help you.Remember one very interesting and relevant thought of cardinal. In secular society, they reasoned Andre Vingt-Trois, on the one hand, Christians may be tempted to defer to the secular authorities of his personal choice, the choice of faith in Christ." In more plain language, this means that many Christians want to see the state in which they live, confessional or religious oriented. On the other hand, politicians may be tempted to use a person's faith, his religious choice in their political interests. Many politicians would love to have their influence was based on religious motivations of the human soul."But the Church is not a screen political life, and all this is contrary to the core principle of Christianity is freedom," said cardinal Vingt-Trois. It seems that all this is very, very pertinent, not only for France, and Russia - and everyone knows why.Then followed a few questions, the essence of which also revolved around the principles of religious freedom and pluralism. This motif is sounded and the response of cardinal Vingt-Trois, the question of, does not inspire any apprehension the growth in the number of Muslims in France and Europe, as well as the transformation of many churches into mosques. "In my memory there were no cases, so the Church became a mosque," said the cardinal. - Although today on Fridays many of the streets of the French capital turned into a mosque under the open sky, for him to move. Of course, I don't think it's right that the Muslims were praying under the open sky, but the Church, in the mosque there is no need to turn" . Then Bishop of Paris broke into a private discussion about Islam. He believes that the Muslim youth, Muslim believers is much less than Christians, are interested in questions of theology and ethics, because the fullness of faith is sufficient ispolnenie its five pillars profession of monotheism, prayer, fasting, payment of zakat, and the Hajj. Out of context many statements Vingt-Trois was that Christianity as a religion of freedom he understood as the antithesis of Islam, the religion, in his judgment, constrained personal freedom.

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