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Alexander Artemiev, Roman BadaninBarack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev met with Russian and foreign NGOs on Civil summit in Moscow during the visit of the President of the United States. George Bush under Vladimir Putin met only with the elected Russian opposition that was not pleasant to the Kremlin.The visit of the American President, who is expected in Moscow from July 6 to 8, will bring surprises.White house press Secretary Robert Gibbs at a press briefing on Thursday on the issue, laid out any plans to visit Moscow on the American side, answered in the affirmative: "I would say, Yes." Officially "the American Embassy never disseminates information about the upcoming visit," but in a private conversation, "the Newspaper" representatives of the US diplomatic mission in Moscow confirmed that the "agenda of the visit was prepared in a hurry, and much will be decided as we go".The biggest surprise of the visit will be the participation of both presidents in the Civil summit, which will bring together representatives of Russian and American non-governmental organizations. Obama will meet with them for sure: his participation in "civil society event" confirmed on Thursday the White house. As for his Russian colleagues, as noted by the organizers of the forum in an interview with "Gazeta", "the probability of Medvedev's round table is very high, although the Kremlin officially this information is not confirmed.A source in the Kremlin told "Gazeta" that Obama is such an item as a part in the civil forum, but Russian President there was not invited. One of the organizers of the forum from the Russian side, told "Gazeta" that the invitation to the Kremlin sent and received "positive reaction".The organizer of the meeting were Russian funds "Eurasia" and "New Eurasia", in which the Council is the Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Igor Yurgens, with the assistance of the Washington Center for strategic and international studies (CSIS). Most of the sites for the work of the participants gave the Russian branch of Human Rights Watch.Among the guests from the Russian side - the human rights society "memorial", the regional NGO "from the Urals and the Volga region, with us, among others, human rights group, Human Rights First, Freedom House and the parent organization HRW. According to one of the organizers, and invited a number of independent experts, editors of Newspapers The Washington Post and The New York Times. None of the politicians from Russia or USA will not, says the organizer: "If among the experts there will be any figure in the liberal-leaning, is another question".The summit is due to open on Monday, July 6. First meeting will hold five thematic working groups: "human Rights and legality", "the Press and new media", "Health", "Social development" and "Youth policy". Will also raise issues of affordable housing and environmental protection, told "Gazeta" the head of the Russian representation HRW Alison Gill.The second day will be "General wide forum, which will have to receive the President. By this time, human rights activists and representatives of other civil society organizations should prepare their recommendations to the heads of state."HRW has already presented a broad appeal to President Obama on the eve of his inauguration and hopes to develop during the discussion of these recommendations," said Gill.According to her, the participation of Medvedev and Obama in the meeting of non-governmental organizations "not surprised". "Both sides understand how important this summit is for both States and civil societies in our countries. That promised moment of reboot for governments and for civil society," she said in an interview with "Gazeta".Until then, American presidents during their visits to Russia were always met with the Russian public men, when allowed the opportunity. Under George Bush the talk happened only once - in may 2006. Then the closed meeting was well attended by only 15 people, and their selection was focused exclusively on the American side. In 2006, for a meeting with Bush was invited and coordinator of the movement "YES!" Maria Gaidar, actively participated in the protest actions of the opposition."The difference is huge. At the time, I was invited as a guest, President Bush, and now Russian and American non-governmental organizations invited to the forum both presidents," - says Tatiana Lokshina, who participated in the meeting as program Director of the Moscow Helsinki group. Civil summit, she will be the moderator of the human rights working group together with the senior research program officer for Russia and Eurasia at the Center for strategic and international studies."This is a very good signal. He is talking about the spring that comes after eight years of Putin's winter," said Gill. "Although, of course, it is difficult to judge how serious it is," she misspoke. - By President Medvedev said a lot of good words." Lokshina said that "a meeting will be extremely important, even if the President will not be able to participate in it".Obama will speak and at the graduation ceremony at the new economic school, which will be held on the morning of 7 July, in Gostiny Dvor. Gibbs said that the President will tell the graduates that are thinking about representing the "mutual interest" for Russia and the U.S. non-proliferation, global security and the prospects for economic cooperation between the two countries."The White house was looking for such a public event, where President Obama could make a speech about the purpose of his visit. To us from America received such request, and we formally invited the President to speak to our graduates," said "the Newspaper" NES Vice-rector Alexey Sitnikov.According to him, the administration and faculty of the school, often acting as an expert, "are interested not in Obama's visit in NES, but also valid in "reset" in Russian-American relations".According to Gibbs, the increased attention Obama will focus on economic issues. "Discussion of Economics is an integral part of almost all of what our President," said White house press Secretary. - Will be leading this discussion and in Russia.".

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