From the yoke of information — to wisdom in decision making

Zaichenko A. S.Recently in the West, he published a book with the intriguing title: "Over-informed". In it we will be talking about the role of the media in shaping the thoughts and actions of both an individual and modern society. Greatly to the ideas expressed in this book is relevant for Russia. Modern global communications network is becoming more complex and intense. We are the most informed generation, but not better or more effective than our ancestors. Sometimes, the opposite is true. We are overwhelmed with news facts and news, sometimes momentary and minor, at the same time - "nezainteresovani" about the main events and values. The media cover us everyday little things that prevent us from seeing important. An increasing number of people experience psychological overload and stress from increasing flow need half of necessary and unnecessary information.The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, speaking of the depth of understanding of external expertise and information about the world, has identified three levels of understanding man: opinion, knowledge and wisdom. Opinions based on conclusions made simple understanding of current facts and events. These facts are easy to pick up, to compose, and, thus, to influence the opinion of a person or group of people. Knowledge is the result of a deeper analysis of a large number of facts, including available not only through the experience of the individual, but also through the experience of other people and generations. Knowledge have greater objectivity and, consequently, value. Wisdom, according to Socrates, is the highest form of knowing the world, of truth. This is the knowledge of God, Who sends his people through His Revelation.Here is an important question: who should form our opinions and knowledge? What influences our choice that determines our decisions and actions? What is the effect information, knowledge and wisdom on the formation of worldview and life principles, values of present and future generations of people?Modern psychologists believe that the task information is to provide people with some information necessary to meet their needs. But these needs can be based on knowledge concerning the nature of our real needs and false opinion and selfish interest of individuals or entire groups. For example, advertisers seeking profit at any cost, politicians seeking to win elections officials pursuing their personal interests.Information has the property to gain valuable knowledge when those who prepares, distributes, and consumes relate to her not only professional, but also a moral responsibility. Moral maturity and spiritual experience based on the Bible should make us competent, decisive, careful observers, honest judges. They should teach us to distinguish good from bad and to highlight any information of a real need. All information must be based on truth. She must be truthful, constructive and creative. Not corrosive and not harmful.In discussions of problems of modern society, in discussions about ethical standards, our conclusions should be based on knowledge, backed up by divine wisdom. Is it possible to do all what is allowed? Who determines the boundaries of what is permitted? Who sets the moral standards? What defines our opinion in this matter must be more than human knowledge. The values on which we rely, should be higher and wiser achievements of modern human thought, they must be effective throughout history.Today, too many famous commentators and thinkers we predict the end of civilization. In the media there are too many self-appointed authorities and experts. Everyone wants to participate in the discussions, although often these people have nothing to tell us. It is the speakers without the purpose of demonstrating ignorance instead of knowledge and wisdom. The blind leading the blind to nowhere.It seems that the ultra-liberal worldview of individualism has come to Russia. According to him, one of the basic human needs – a view of himself as the center of all creation. Objective principles and values lose their meaning. Each person determines what is good for him and what is bad. Essentially, everyone thinks they own God. Imagine our country, inhabited by tens of millions of little gods! Than arrogant a person is, the less he listens to others. It is not working neither on the formation and correction of his character, nor on the development of his personality. The man himself drifting time, at the whim of fashion, blindly following media standards and manipulative technologies. Mediocrity becomes the standard for great. Actually, this is not an individual God defines the purpose and meaning of existence, even if only his own "I".Our time is the period of the domination of the ideological and moral relativism. More there are no absolute moral values and standards. Who can say what will result from all this? Fashion the popularity is already bearing bitter fruit. Now is the time of temptations and pelmeni. Manipulating people, ideas spread everywhere. Especially in advertising, is not Surprising that a large portion of our society is characterized by helplessness, the futility of its existence.The philosopher Ernst Junger said, "In times when dominated by chaos and uncertainty, only a few can give you good advice how to do the right thing. These are people who pray". Russia needs not only in the opinions of politicians, officials and professionals of the media. Our people need not only knowledge about events and phenomena surrounding a very complicated world. We need people who pray. We need God's wisdom, which would allow each person to evaluate and for the benefit of themselves and society to benefit from that knowledge. The Russians need the bright light of the lighthouse and not deceptive in outbreaks. In society demanded people with a broad vision, a bright personality, it needs experts and influencers who possess not only knowledge, but wisdom of their application for the benefit of people.

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